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Casatech 2006
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Pogo’s nVoy
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Il futuro del mouse
La tastiera virtuale
Un particolarissimo cavo elettrico
Pogo’s nVoy allows you to stay in touch
with unprecedented simplicity at a consumer price point
Do What You Want, When You Want
Users can access their information and compose new messages even when there is no network coverage. On their return to a coverage area, nVoy takes care of the details, and ensures that messages are sent and information is updated without any additional user interaction.

Flexible Access to Information
User information and messages can be accessed from any web browser using the nVoy Desktop Interface, or on the move with the nVoy device. Users replacing or upgrading their nVoy will find their own data automatically restored to the new device.
The nVoy Communicator also makes it easy for information to be shared between nVoy users, while protecting each user’s privacy.

Easy to Set-up, Easy to Use
The nVoy Communicator delivers an intuitive mobile experience. New users register simply by entering their email address, with no need for complex configuration.
Once registered, all the easy to use nVoy services are immediately available. Users can access their existing email and instant messaging services, or send text and picture messages and make phone calls. They can access the real internet : CNN, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and millions of others, quickly and simply.

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