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A fully functional “plug and play” device using HoloTouch® is now available.

This unit shows there are no practical barriers issues to the integration of our patented touchless holographic actuation and control technology into a wide variety of interface applications such as automotive, banking, factory-floor, gaming, kiosk, leisure, medical, military, personal and home electronics and toy markets, just to name a few.

This innovative device allows an operator to enter (4) commands by simply passing a finger through holographic images floating several inches in front of the hardware, is programmable by the operator and delivers commands to, and takes its power from, the USB port or other ports of a standard PC.

Dear A. Campi,
Thank you for your message and for including us in your news. In the near future, we will be issued another US patent; it covers holographic keypads which are larger than the hardware as well as important improvements to our basic technology.
We have filed companion patents in many important industrial countries.

Yours very truly,
R. Douglas McPheters,
President HoloTouch, Inc.

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