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Partners is Scientific Partner of M2M FORUM.

The synergy between Telecommunication and Information Technology finds new strenght in M2M world.

The increase of wireless technologies' use and the evolution of the machine to machine's modules reinforce and favour the meeting between the industrial automation world and the mobile economy's one.



Machine to machine technologies
Sensor applications
Home automation
Embedded, HMI & displays
Open source & real time OS


Italian and foreign M2M market's
leading companies
Start up companies
Scientific partners




Workshop dedicated to hardware and Software, embedded products and technologies for M2M
Workshop dedicated to open source, Real Time & OS world
Workshop dedicated to technological convergence in home installations and in the management of liveable spaces
Awards competition dedicated to all designers with new business ideas or products to develop into the machine-to-machine's reality. The Awards are realized in collaboration with associations and media partners who operate in the ICT field.



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